Tradition and modernity

The municipality of Reiskirchen is one of the oldest and most traditional municipalities in Hesse and always succeeded in combining tradition and modernity in a special way. The oldest preserved residential house in Reiskirchen (also called ‘Hirtenhaus’), which was lovingly renovated by members of the Heimatgeschichtliche Vereinigung (local history association) and furnished with furniture from the early years of the 20th century, now houses a local history museum. Together with the vicarage, which is now home to the local music association, and the church, the ensemble forms the historical core of Reiskirchen. An extremely active social community and many associations also provide a variety of event highlights. The sleepy village of Winnerod is also worth a visit. At last count, there were just 38 souls in this village, which appears quite abruptly and almost gives visitors the feeling that it doesn’t belong here at all. A small, pretty church, a farm and a few houses, surrounded by lush meadows, forests and rolling hills. The formerly noble farm estate with its farm buildings and the three-story half-timbered manor house is one of the largest half-timbered buildings in the vicinity of Giessen. Today, the estate is home to a restaurant and an exclusive golf club. A little further east, a former monastery complex can be found on the Wirberg. Today, the church is still used for special ecclesiastical occasions. Once you have reached the Wirberg, you are also rewarded with a magnificent view over the surrounding valleys. It is a very special place for a short rest and a moment of contemplation. If you are on the trail of the Wieseck spring, you will find it in Saasen. This is the source of the small river that gives its name to the Wieseck valley.

Due to its rail connection, Reiskirchen is also particularly suitable for longer hike or bike tours with different starting and ending points.

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