Culture in the Lahntäler

Cultural heritage and living art

Artists have found their inspiration all times in the scenery of the Giessener Lahntäler. Whether painter Carl Engel in Rabenau, lyricist Rainer Maria Rilke in Lollar and Rabenau, art sculptor and painter W.H. Arnold in Allendorf (Lumda), the writers Peter Kurzeck and Thomas Hettche in Staufenberg or singer-songwriter and author Fredrik Vahle in Lollar. The valleys of Lahn, Lumda and Salzböde still offer a lively cultural landscape today. Artists of our time are stepping into this cultural heritage and offer a wide range of activities. Reiskirchen and Buseck, for example, are known for their particularly successful music clubs and events. Take a look around and stop in.

Rigoletto beim Hofgut Theater Rabenau

Cultural events

Here you can find an overview on events in the Giessener Lahntäler

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