Literature and nobility

The unmistakable landmark of the town of Staufenberg is the castle, which can be seen from afar in the Lumda and Lahn valleys and is divided into the upper and lower castle. The older upper castle, which is only preserved as a ruin, attracts many visitors every year. Those who have made the ascent and dare to climb the spiral staircase of the corner tower will enjoy an unforgettable view over the Lahn and Lumda valleys. The walls, preserved in Gothic style, have so much charm that today they are often used as a backdrop for festivals and theater performances. Directly below is the well-preserved lower castle, which is now home to a hotel and restaurant known far beyond the borders of Hesse, where guests can not only enjoy an excellent meal, but also spend the night in a very special atmosphere at the castle. At the foot of the castle is the old town of Staufenberg with its many old and well-preserved half-timbered houses, especially in the Ober-, Hinter-, Burg- and Mittelgasse, which give the visitor the impression of a small medieval town. Here also stands the gate tower, which was part of the former city wall. Those who want to recover from a long hike or the ascent to the castle can refresh themselves in the beer garden below the castle complex with a view of the valley. Numerous witnesses of the noble past are also still visible in the small village of Treis. In the charming old village center with small winding alleys, beautiful half-timbered houses and small bridges that lead over the Lumda, two castles lined the little river. On the south bank the “Burg Milchling” and the “Burg am Wasser” on the north bank, of which only remains of the wall and the prison tower are preserved today. The setting of Staufenberg was also home to the award-winning writer Peter Kurzeck, who grew up in Staufenberg. A multimedia hiking trail leads visitors in and around Staufenberg in his footsteps and brings the town of the 1950s, which had become literature, back to life by means of sound and film recordings at 12 stations. As of now the texts of the trail are only available in german.

Zeichnung Stadtturm Staufenberg

Peter Kurzeck trail

Discover Peter Kurzecks “village of childhood”

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