New café in the Giessener Lahntäler – caféH

The Lahn valleys of Giessen have been enriched by a new gem of the culinary kind. Since 29.09.21, the caféH in Lollar invites you to enjoy and linger.

The professional confectioner Luisa Schwalm provides incredibly delicious cakes, pies and quiche variations in the daily changing assortment.

The café relies on a sustainable concept. Furniture and lamps were procured via the second-hand market, and coffee-to-go is available in the tried-and-tested ReCup deposit system.

The café provides exhibition space for local artists or associations and thus aims to create a genuine place for cultural encounters and activities. Regular events are already being planned.

Of course, when the café was built, thought was also given to barrier-free access and appropriate toilets.

What does the “H” in the name stand for? Quite simple: H for HILDE. A tribute to the mother of the managing director, who baked the finest cakes for the family with love and passion. Hilde is the epitome of lovingly baked goods and good food.

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caféH in Lollar
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